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Pipeline Design and Maintenance: Gas Oil and Water


17 – 20 Maret 2015 | IDR 9.750.000 at Yogyakarta
21 – 24 April 2015 | IDR 9.750.000 at Jakarta
12 – 15 Mei 2015 | IDR 9.750.000 at Bandung
2 – 5 June 2015 | IDR 9.750.000 at Bogor

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To fulfill the oil and gas demand for power generation, recovery processes, and other uses, pipelines are utilized to transport the supply from their source.  These pipelines are mostly buried and operate without disturbing normal pursuits.

Construction procedures for most pipeline systems can be adapted to consider specific environmental conditions and are tailored to cause minimal impact on the environment.

Unattended pumping stations move large volumes of oil and petroleum products under high pressure.  Many factors have to be considered in the engineering and design of long-distance pipelines, including the nature and volume of fluid to be transported, the length of pipeline, the types of terrain traversed and the environmental constraints.  Major factor influencing pipeline system design are: Fluid properties, design condition, supply and demand magnitude/location, Code and standards, Route, topography and access, environmental impact, economic, hydrological impact, seismic and volcanic impacts.

To obtain optimum results for a pipeline transmission system, complex economic and engineering studies are necessary to decide on the pipeline diameter, material, compression/pumping power requirements and location of the pipeline route.

Outline Pipeline Design and Maintenance Training

In this practical training, participants will learn from and discuss with professional instructor the following subjects:

  1. Overview of Problems in Gas, Oil and Produced Water Pipeline Operations and Maintenance
  2. The Pipeline Design Approach and Considerations
  3. Design of Gas Transmission Pipeline
  4. Design of Crude, Oil and Produced Water Transportation Pipeline
  5. Valves, Flanges and Fittings Selection for Crude, Oil, Gas and Produced Water Pipeline Design

Training Instructor Pipeline Design and Maintenance

This specially designed course will be conducted by *Hilman Ahmad & Associates*, an Independent Consultant in industrial oil and gas, member of the Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers, who manage the Professional Industrial Oil & Gas Education Center, and has been practicing production operation & safety and corrosion control engineering in Indonesia for more than twenty-five years. He post-graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (sponsored by UNESCO) in 1977. He joined in-field-practice program at Nippon Kokan Steel Company & Research Center Kawasaki, Japan for production facility design & construction and corrosion prevention & control in 1983, and collaborated with Cormon Industrial Research Center Brighton UK for on-line corrosion monitoring development in 2000. He has been delivering training course in production operation, maintenance & safety and corrosion control for personnel from Oil & Gas Company and Petrochemical Industry since 1979.

General Information

Certificate of Appreciation

All attendees will receive a certificate of appreciation attesting to their participant in the training. This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed training questionnaire.

Documentation & Dress Code

  • Quality training material kits will be on registration, additional papers, & handouts assignment by Our Partner.
  • Note-taking by participants is encourage. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.
  • Casual clothing is recommended. The training atmosphere is informal.

Training Facilities Pipeline Design and Maintenance

  • Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy)
  • Quality training kits included T-shirt or jacket, cap, ect.
  • Interactive presentation with discussion
  • Lunch per day
  • Morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks for along the training
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive flash disk.

**) Optional



  • Yogyakarta, 17 – 20 Maret 2015
  • Jakarta, 21 – 24 April 2015
  • Bandung, 12 – 15 Mei 2015
  • Bogor, 2 – 5 June 2015
  • Yogyakarta, 28 – 31 Juli 2015
  • Jakarta, 11 – 14 Agustus 2015
  • Bandung, 8 – 11 September 2015
  • Bogor, 6 – 9 Oktober 2015
  • Yogyakarta, 3 – 6 November 2015
  • Jakarta, 15 – 18 Desember 2015

Tuition Fee & Registration  Deadline Pipeline Design and Maintenance

  • IDR 9.750.000,-/ Person,
  • Registration deadline a weeks before training held.


Training Minimum Participant Pipeline Design and Maintenance

This training will be conducted if we receive registration letter from 3 (three) participants (Minimum)


Gas Oil and Water Pipeline Design and Maintenance

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