05 – 06 September 2017 | IDR 4.300.000 di Jakarta
07 – 08 November 2017 | IDR 4.300.000 di Jakarta


Program Description Presentation Skills For Project Practitioners

Professional Presentation Skill For Project People (2 Days)

There are many of project team members and managers who are terrified immediately at the task of giving a presentation on front of an audience. This becomes more terrified if the presentation is work related or business related. This is because, these presentations have the ability to make your career or they can even completely ruin them. Every successful needs to have good presentation skills and no one can get away with it.

A good presentation needs to convince the audience, convey the intended message, build trust among the public and get support. The good news is that, with proper skills, tools and training, one will be able to face these presentation nightmares with ease.

We have created this course for you build skill sets that will help you in complementing your existing presentation skills. You will learn the tools and techniques that will help you in planning, preparing and delivering an amazing presentation. You will learn to be confident because confidence itself rules out your success in delivering the presentation.

People calculate your abilities basing on the confidence levels you present. You will learn proven ways to engage and impress the audience. You will learn to self reflect their current state through video recording. You will learn to improve yourself and enjoy the presentation process as a whole.

We highly suggest you take this course, learn these groundbreaking skills and tools that will make you ready to face any presentation challenge and make out a great presenter from you.

Workshop Objective Presentation Skills For Project Practitioners

  • Perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline
  • Select presentation delivery methods
  • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Eliminate nervousness
  • Develop and use flip charts with color
  • Create targeted presentations
  • Utilize white boarding for reinforcement
  • Enhance a presentation
  • Enrich the learning experience

This workshop will conduct practical exercises for participants to directly practice their presentation skill and directly get feedback from our facilitating team.

Recommended Participant Presentation Skills For Project Practitioners

  • All Project Practitioners, Project Managers, Project Team Members, Project Administrators, Project Leaders, etc.
  • All Managers/ Professionals ,All professionals who are involved in projects. From various backgrounds & industries i.e.: HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement, FMCG, Insurance, Telco, etc.

PRESENTATION SKILLS FOR PROJECT PRACTITIONERS: Professional Presentation Skill For Project People


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