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March 02 – 05, 2015 | Rp. 9.900.000,-/participant at BANDUNG
August 03 – 06, 2015 | Rp. 9.900.000,-/participant at BANDUNG
October 05 – 08, 2015 | Rp. 9.900.000,-/participant at BANDUNG


Why Should You Attend on Oil & Gas Surface Training?

This practical approach course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Surface Production Facility, Process, Operation and Maintenance. It will be presented in order to fulfill the needs of All technical and non-technical (field and headquartered) personnel of Oil & Gas Company who involves in or concern with onshore or offshore Oil & Gas Surface Production Facility, Process, Operation and Maintenance.

Who Will You Meet?

All technical and non-technical (field and headquartered) personnel of Oil & Gas Company who involves in or concern with onshore or offshore Oil & Gas Surface Production Facility, Process, Operation and Maintenance.

What Will You Get After Completing This Course?

After completion, participants will understand why oil & gas must be processed in near well surface production facility, how the process is carried out, what equipment and components are needed, how each equipment works, and what are the goals to be achieved in each stage, in both technical and economical point of views. Participants will better classify requirements for each separation process and specification of vessels, columns, piping, valves, pump, compressor and related devices used in surface operations and improve knowledge on safety, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of the whole system.

What Will You Learn from Oil & Gas Surface Course ?

In this tailor made course participants will learn from and discuss with professional instructor the following subjects:

1. Surface Production Processing and Flow Diagram

  • Tubing, wellhead and the pressure regulating devices
  • Header, manifolds and slug catcher installation
  • Oil processing scheme and crude to sales
  • Gas processing scheme and export gas to sales
  • Sand & produced water handling, treatment and dispos

2. Production Separators, Flowlines, Heater-Treater and Storage Tanks

  • High, Medium and Low pressure production separators operations
  • Flowlines, gathering lines, trunk lines and the safety control valves
  • Crude dehydration and stabilization processes and operations
  • Oil heater-treater (fired, chemical and electrostatic) and the safety control system
  • Gun barrel / wash tank and degasser operations
  • Storage tanks, crude pumps, crude measurement and BS&W monitoring
  • Crude transportation through pipeline system

3. Gas Gathering & Compression

  • Gas gathering and control of flow & pressure
  • Gas conditioning prior to compression
  • Natural gas liquid recovery and fractionation
  • Gas compression and the compressor control system
  • Gas measurement and composition monitoring
  • Gas pipeline to sales and the safety control valves

4. Gas Processing and Sour Gas Treating

  • Gas separation process and operations
  • Heavy hydrocarbon removal to satisfy dew-point requirement
  • Sour gas treatment and H2S & CO2 removal processes
  • Amine sweetening plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Gas dehydration process to satisfy water content requirement
  • Glycol contactor Operations and Maintenance
  • Hazards and safety in gas handling operations

5. Gas Pipeline Problems and Troubleshooting

  • Pipeline Leakage and short remaining service life
  • Pipeline cracking due to material defects and imperfections
  • Pipeline failure caused by internal corrosion and MIC
  • Coating and wrapping damage due to external attack by soil and water
  • Severe external corrosion due to failure of cathodic protection
  • Gas transmission operation problems due to multiphase flow
  • Pipeline plugging caused by scale and deposits
  • Recommended practice for pipeline inspection and monitoring
  • Recommended practice for pipeline cleaning and pigging

The Instructor?

This specially designed course will be conducted by Hilman Ahmad & Associates, an Independent Consultant in industrial oil and gas, member of the Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers, who manage the Bandung Industrial Oil & Gas Education Center, and has been practicing production operation and corrosion control engineering in Indonesia for more than twenty-five years. He post-graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (sponsored by UNESCO) in 1977. He joined in-field-practice program at Nippon Kokan Steel Company & Research Center Kawasaki, Japan for production facility design & construction and corrosion prevention & control in 1983, and collaborated with Cormon Industrial Research Center Brighton UK for on-line corrosion monitoring development in 2000. He has been delivering training course in production operation and maintenance and corrosion control for personnel from Oil & Gas Company and Petrochemical Industry since 1979.

General Information

Facilities :

Three-day registration fee for all Training sessions; Quality Training Material (Hardcopy and Softcopy); Quality Training Kits; Convenient Training Facilities at Four Star Hotel; Refreshment and luncheons, Certificate of Completion, Dinner with entertainment at the cozy restaurant


  • Integrated Quality Training Material (HARDCOPY AND SOFTCOPY) & Quality Training Kits will be delivered on registration, additional papers & handouts assignment by Our Partner.
  • Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.


All attendees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation attesting to their participation in the Training.  This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed Training Questionnaire.


Casual Clothing is recommended. The Training atmosphere is informal


  • Registration Form MUST be return in advance for attending the Training
  • Full fixed fee is charged regardless of the length of time that registrant attends the Training
  • Attendees are expected to attend all Training sessions and are not permitted to attend on a partial basis.


  • Cancellation received after the registration deadline, November 23, 2009 entitles the registrant to received 25% refund.
  • Cancellation on the date will be recharged 100% from the fee
  • No refund will be issued, if a registrant fails to show up at the Training on-site.

For additional course dates and locations, and registration please contact:



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