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DCS Advanced Programming


October 12 – 14, 2016 | Fee at Proposal at Bandung

This course is designed to train the participants as Distributed Control System Technicians. The course will familiarize the participants with various DCS systems, Programming tools, logics, trouble shooting, etc.


• Manager,
• Supervisor,
• Inspector,
• Instrument Technician,
• SCADA Technician,
• PLC/DCS Technician.


Day 1

• System Elements

1. Describe the main differences between a distributed control system a DDC and a CSC system.
2. Describe the end elements to be catered for and their position in a DCS.
3. Requirements of the operator interface within the DCS.
4. Identify the layout of a DCS system with data highway communications paths.

• Data Communications

1. Description of the communications paths in a data highway based DCS.
2. The data highway communications controller.
3. Access priority for system devices.
4. Polling techniques.
5. Error checking techniques.

• Basic DCS Controller Configuration

1. Control modes available within each controller slot.
2. Tracking and initialisation in control slots used for cascade control.
3. Past Mode Recall.
4. Control algorithms.
5. The use of diagnostics.

Day 2

•Advanced Controllers

1. The digital capabilities of the advanced controller.
2. Sequential programs for batch processing.
3. Advantages of using the advanced controller in modulating control applications.
4. Logic block functions in the advanced controller.

•Process Units

1.The process unit as a data highway unit within a DCS.
2.The processing of analog, digital and counter input data.
3.The process unit as an output device (generation of analog and digital outputs).
4.The relationship between process unit and operator interface unit.

•Advanced Distributed Control Systems

1. Limitations of a data highway based DCS.
2. The use of local area networks.
3. The use of gateway modules.
4. Describe the use of gateway modules as a means of communication between the two levels of a system.
5. Other modules, which may be connected to the local area network.

Day 3

Session 1:

System Architecture
– Hardware Architecture: Definition, I/O Interface, Visual Controller, Controller Software licence, Controller led, Hub, Power Supply, Worksation Platform and Licence.
– Software Architecture: Terminology, Software Stucture, Tool Navigation (DCS Explorer), Control Studio (Control Builder), Graphics Studio, System Security (User Manager), Database Administrator, Operator Interface, Data-Historian, System Diagnostic , Autotuning, The Procedure.

Session 2:

-Function Block Programming: Single Loop PID Control and Autotuning.
-Man Machine Interface : Trending and Data Link.

Session 3:

-Function Block Programming : Sequencial Function Chart (SFC).
-Advance Control Programming : Cascade Control Strategy and Operating.

Session 4:

– Advance Control Programming : Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC).
– Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) Auto Tuning.


Course Leader is DR. Sutanto Hadisupadmo. He has more than 15-year experienced as instructor on Instrumentation, Measurement Control & System, PLC, DCS Programming, Advance Process Control, etc. His professional education started on Engineering Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB-1977), Diplome Universite in Energetique, Universite de Prepignan, France (1985), Magister Engineering in Instrumentation and Control (ITB) and Doctor (ITB). As a lecturer at Department of Engineering Physics Department-ITB, he active doing research, writes published book/hands-out.
He has handled many projects in Instrumentation Process, Tools Evaluation, Transmitter, General Evaluation of Instrumentation Specification, Commercial Building Power Audit, Maintenance Management Evaluation, etc. To get more advance information and knowledge, he has participated in domestic and overseas training, seminar, workshop and conference as participant or speakers.

DCS Advanced Programming

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