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Piping and Pipeline Design and Integrity Management


December 06 – 09, 2016 | Fee: at Proposal | Bali


Pipelines are a very important part of modern civilization. These days’ pipelines are used to move substances ranging from water, oil or natural gas, ethanol, hydrogen gas, to beverages and pneumatically driven particulate solids. Construction of pipeline, especially for petroleum projects are large multi-disciplinary activities which involves the investment of large amounts of cash and other resources. Because of this, and the fact that safety is of high essence in the construction and operation of pipelines environmental factors including the soil that it will be laid upon or buried underneath should be taken account during the design process.

With the cost implications of breaches in pipeline integrity running so high and the implied economic returns of extended lifecycle – the importance of effective pipeline integrity management cannot be overstated.

Join us at PIPELINE DESIGN AND INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT Leading Course with focusing on Introduction of pipeline engineering, codes standards and regulations, basic pipeline materials and corrosion control, pipeline design and hydraulic analysis, and pipeline integrity management.

Key areas of discussion at the Pipeline Design and Integrity Management include:
Introduction to Pipeline Engineering – Understand the basic concept of pipeline design, pipe piping and pipeline component, approach plan & stages in pipeline project

  • Codes, Standards and Regulations – How to calculate wall thickness based on different design codes or standards?
  • Basic Pipeline Materials and Corrosion Control- Discover the best methods to prevent or mitigate corrosion in pipelines, etc
  • Pipeline Design and Hydraulic Analysis – Pipeline configurations, including pipe-in-pipe, bundles, etc.
  • Discover, introduction to different approaches of pipeline design for offshore and onshore- Safety mand reliability factors / Codes / Standards / Recommended practices.
  • Pipeline Integrity Management – Find out more about the latest techniques and research in piping and pipeline integrity to analyze a degraded condition due to either corrosion or mechanical damage.

Course Outline Piping and Pipeline?

  • Surface Production Operations, Facility, and Equipment, and the Asset Management
  • Hazard Assessment for Effective Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Safety Considerations and Pipeline Failure Mitigation Control RequirementsPipeline Design Standards, Codes and Recommended Practices
  • Pipeline Sizing, Wall Thickness Criteria, and the MAWP
  • Corrosion Allowance and the Remaining Service Life
  • Pipe Material Specification and Standard Dimension
  • Free Span Pipe; Layout, Elevation and Topography
  • Pipeline Design Calculation; Design and Operating Pressures
  • Pipe Material Requirement, Examination, Testing and Inspection
  • Pipeline Integrity Systems and Risk Assessment
  • Examples and Case Studies

The instructor?

This specially designed course will be conducted by *Hilman Ahmad & Associates*, an Independent Consultant in industrial oil and gas, member of the Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers, who manage the Bandung Industrial Oil & Gas Education Center, and has been practicing production operation and corrosion control engineering in Indonesia for more than twenty-five years. He post-graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (sponsored by UNESCO) in 1977. He joined in-field-practice program at Nippon Kokan Steel Company & Research Center Kawasaki, Japan for production facility design & construction and corrosion prevention & control in 1983, and collaborated with Cormon Industrial Research Center Brighton UK for on-line corrosion monitoring development in 2000. He has been delivering training course in production operation and maintenance and corrosion control for personnel from Oil & Gas Company and Petrochemical Industry since 1979.

Piping and Pipeline Design and Integrity Management

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