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Dew Point Control System Operation & Maintenance


May 12 – 14, 2014  | Keterangan Harga di Proposal at Bandung


Dew point is defined as the temperature at which vapor begins to condense. By managing hydrocarbon dew point, hydrocarbon condensation can be prevented in cold spots under rivers and lakes where the liquids collect in the low areas and then often move as a slug through the system, over pressuring the pipe, and overpowering liquid handling facilities, flowing into compressors and end user sales points. Proper managing of gas dew point can also prevent liquids from forming as the gas cools while flowing through pressure reduction stations that feed end user supply systems. Controlling dew point is also necessary to qualify the pipeline to market gas to high efficiency gas turbine end users that require a dry and consistent quality fuel.

Course Content Dew Point Control System Operation & Maintenance

Overview of Natural Gas.

  • Natural gas compositions and impurities.
  • Liquids content and sour component.
  • Processing and principal products (pipeline NG, NGL and natural gasoline).
  • Natural gas specification
  • Liquid products specification.
  • Heating value and Wobbe number

Overview of Gas Plant Processing.

  • Field operations and inlet receiving.
  •  Inlet compression.
  • Gas treating and dehydration.
  • Hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Liquid processing.
  • Liquefaction.

Hydrocarbon Recovery.

  • Retrograde condensation.
  • External refrigeration.
  • Turboexpansion.
  • Heat exchange.
  • Fractionation.
  • Dew-point control and fuel conditioning.
  • Lower/high ethane recovery.
  •  Safety and environmental considerations.

Dew-Point Control Refrigeration Systems.

  • Technology of NGL recovery and dew-point control.
  • Purpose and process description.
  • Basic principle of DPCS and flow diagram.
  •  Basics of refrigeration: thermodynamics, process, operations and equipment.
  • Chiller, economizer and refrigeration condensing unit.
  • Benefits and applications.
  • Mechanical refrigeration process flow diagrams.
  • Refrigeration phase envelopes: mechanical, J-T valve and turbo-expander.
  • New supersonic and twister technology.

Heat Exchangers.
Refrigeration Compressors.
Refrigeration Chillers.
Low Temperature Separators.
Refrigeration control system.
Dew-point Control operations and troubleshooting.

instructor Dew Point Control System Operation & Maintenance

Hilman Ahmad and Associates


Courses Event Dew Point Control System Operation & Maintenance

May 12 – 14, 2014

Venue :

Bandung, Indonesia

Dew Point Control System Operation & Maintenance



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