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30 Maret – 01 April 2020 | USD 1,350.- in Yogyakarta
07 – 08 April 2020 | USD 1,350.- in Yogyakarta
04 – 06 Mei 2020 | USD 1,350.- in Yogyakarta



Training Background

This  ASCP course helps you demonstrate your knowledge and organizational skills for developing more streamlined operations in managing supply chain. This course allows you to increase your capability become supply chain professional and  increase your understanding to manage your supply chain in three areas, i.e;  Basics of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Strategy and Logistics & Supply chain’s implementation and Operations .

This  firs section addresses the basic concepts used for effective supply chain management and will provide the foundation managing effectively your supply chain. The second section is supply chan strategy. This section addresses considerations in the design of a competitive supply chain, the processes that support the organization’s strategy and  improvement of the sustainability of the organization. The last section is Logistic and supply chain Implementation and Operations.  This section addresses managing and balancing supply and demand by measuring, analyzing, and improving supply chain processes.


Training Objectives

At the completion of this course, the participants should be able to :

  • To promote recognition and acceptance of professional status as Acreditated Supply Chain professional.
  • To develop performance standards and operational guidelines that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management.
  • To increase the degree to which the individual gains personal confidence, satisfaction, and pride from direct involvement in supply chain management and operations.
  • The use of technology and information systems to provide the basis for firm- and supply chain-wide integration and cooperation is necessary for successful operations.


Accredited Supply Chain Professional Training Contents

  1. Module 1:  Basic  Supply Chain Management
  2. Module 2 :  SC alignment witg business strategy (Strategi SCM)
  3. Module 3: Supplier Relationship Management : Procurement process, Supplier selection, strategi SRM, Aliances, technology in SRM. Measuring SRM , Chalanges SRM
  4. Module 4:  Logistics and Distribution :Distribution strategy,Logistic service provider (Outsourcing Logistic): 3rd & 4-th party logistic, Incoterm 2017
  5. Module 5:  Inventory and Warehousing
  6. Module 6: CRM: Developing, using teschnologi, measuring CS, Chalanges in Crm
  7. Module 7: Technologi in SCm: ERP, APS, SCEM: IT in logistic: VMI ,  RFID, WMS, TMS
  8. Module 8: Risk Management in SCM: Identifiction, Mitigation, Risk response, Security & regulatory concern, ISO 30001
  9. Module 9: SC Dinamic: Source of Variability &.Managing internal source  & external source
  10. Module 10: SC Peformance measurement using SCOR


Training Methods

  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Exam


Investment dan Facilities

  • Course, Exam & Certification (Non Residential)
  • USD 1,350.- per participant in Yogyakarta
  • USD 1,450.- per participant in Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya
  • USD 1,550.- per participant in Bali, Batam, Manado and Balikpapan
  • Handbook and stationary
  • International Certification (if the participants pass the exam)


Lead Instructor

  1. IR. Elisa Kusrini,MT, CPIM, CSCP
  2. American Academy Certified Consultant


ACCREDITED SUPPLY CHAIN PROFESSIONAL (ASCP) *International Certification by American Academy*


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