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CISCP: Certified International Supply Chain Professional


supply chain professional


07 – 11 October 2019 | Rp 12.000.000 at Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
09 – 13 December 2019 | Rp 12.000.000 at Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

High Cost Economy, High Customer Expectations, Low Reliability, Low Productivity, And Low Margin.
The Supply Chain Management As The Main Business Process To Achieve The Goals And To Overcome The Obstacles.
Supply Chain Leader Is Primary Needed In The Future Because This Global Competitiveness Is Now A Necessity Rather Than An Option.


PASAS – Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore) is the global leader and premier source of leading-edge knowledge in purchasing and supply management. PASAS certification program are recognized regionally as the standard of professional competence in purchasing, inventory management, logistics and supply chain management.

The Certified International Supply Chain Professional – CISCP is the recognized industry certification program sponsored by the Purchasing and Supply Association (Singapore) to meet the rapidly changing needs of the supply chain management field. The CISCP designation recognizes professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and experience of supply chain management.

CISCP Module Description

Being competitive means meeting customer’s needs by offering them the right product at the right time at the right place and at the lowest possible cost to your company so that it makes a fair profit. Enterprises – which often spend more than 60% of their revenue covering the cost of their supply chain operations – can greatly enhance their competitiveness and customer delivery performance through improved supply chain management.

CISCP Training Objectives

  • To promote recognition and acceptance of professional status for certified people involved in logistics operations among other areas of business management.
  • To develop performance standards and operational guidelines that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics.
  • To increase the degree to which the individual gains personal confidence, satisfaction, and pride from direct involvement in supply chain management and operations.
  • The use of technology and information systems to provide the basis for firm- and supply chain-wide integration and cooperation is necessary for successful operations.
  • Through the Industry Visitation during this training, the participants can know about the real-world of Supply Chain management and also can implement their knowledge during classroom training into the practical training.


CISCP Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Balancing the Costs and Service
    • The Borders of an Organization
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Selected Elements of Supply Chain
    • Information System and Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Relationships
  • Module 2: Types of Supply Chain
    • Chain Types: Their Behavior and Business Impacts
    • Type of Chains / Network
    • Key Business Processes
  • Module 3: Information Systems and Information Technology in SCM
    • Supply Chain Functional Areas
    • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
    • Inter-Organizational Information Systems (IOIS)
  • Module 4: Strategy: Organization
    • Generic Logistics Strategies
    • Mission Statement: Expression of Purpose, Identity and Strategy
    • Logistics Coordination
    • Logistics Responsibilities
    • Logistics in a Matrix Organization
    • The Supply Chain Organization
    • External Integration
  • Module 5: Logistics in Supply Chain
    • Logistics Management
    • Physical Distribution
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Study Area Map
    • Logistics Systems
  • Module 6: Purchasing in Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Materials Management
    • Purchasing Management
    • Procurement Planning
    • Contracts
    • Solicitation Planning
    • Purchasing Cycle
  • Module 7: Distribution Channel Systems and Network Design
    • Strategy vs. Operations
    • Networks and Channels
    • The Logistics Network Design Process
    • Major Locational Determinants
    • Retailer Types
  • Module 8: Transportation Logistics in Value and Supply Chains
    • Potential Strategies to Address Business Transportation Issues
    • The International Commercial Terms
    • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
    • The international Freight Transportation System
  • Module 9: Production Planning and Control
    • Production Planning and Control System
    • Priority and Capacity
    • Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) System
    • JIT: Pull System Implementation
    • DRP Safety Stock
  • Module 10: E-Commerce in Purchasing, Logistics, and Support Activities
    • Purchasing
    • Logistics
    • Support Activities
    • Forms of Economic Organization
    • Electronic Data Interchange
    • Technology in the Supply Chain
  • Module 11: Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR)
    • Supply Chain Council
    • Process Reference Model
    • SCOR Project Roadmap


Who Should Attend

The CISCP program is for professionals in operations and supply chain management. This designation is ideal for you if you are interested in more depth of knowledge and understanding in the areas of supplier and customer relations, international trade, the use of information technology to enable the supply chain, and physical logistics.

  • Supply Chain Practitioner
  • Purchasing Practitioner
  • Logistics Practitioner
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centre Practitioner
  • Marketing & Customer Service Practitioner
  • Lecturer & University Student
  • Others who interested to widen their knowledge in supply chain management

CISCP Training Certification

CISCP certification will be awarded upon successfully passing the exam from PASAS.



  1. Habib Kassum, MBA – Executive Director, PASAS Singapore
  2. SM Syed Ali, MSc, CPL, ACTA– Regional Director, PASAS Singapore
  3. Dr.Zaroni, MSM, MSA, CISCP – Business Development Director, PT. PLI

(Training Delivery in Bilingual – Bahasa & English)

Short Profile:
“Have 20 years of experience working with Multi-National Companies in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India and Singapore. Worked in various senior management positions in operations, customer service, marketing warehousing & distribution, logistics, purchasing and supply chain.
Currently also offshore adjunct lecturer with University of South Australia, Adelaide and lecturing with ERC Institute in Singapore educating foreign students at Bachelor and Master Degree with University of Greenwich”

CISCP Training Durations

5 Days Training (09.00 – 17.00)

  • 4 Days Classroom Training
  • 1 Day Industry Visitation


CISCP Training Time & Venue

  • 05 – 09 August 2019
  • 07 – 11 October 2019
  • 09 – 13 December 2019

AXA Tower, Kuningan – Jakarta Selatan


CISCP Training Fees Package

  • 5 days Training facilitated by Certified Trainer and Practitioner
  • PASAS – CISCP Examination and Certification Exam Fees
  • Certification of Completion
  • Authorised Learning Course
  • Notepad and Pen
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Souvenir


Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) …with Industry Visitation…



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