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Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness – AVAILABLE ONLINE


07 Juli 2020 | Rp 1.750.000 – Online Training
10 Agustus 2020 | Rp 1.750.000 – Online Training
09 September2020 | Rp 1.750.000 – Online Training

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Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness Training Overview

Today’s rapidly changing workplace requires managers be able to leverage the talents and brain power of their team members. This customized personal development training program will provide you with practical tips, tools and proven strategies for developing powerful interpersonal skills. You will discover how to fulfill your and your team members’ potential, increase the level of trust, boost morale and build a peak-performance workplace.

  1. How can you and your employees maintain a positive attitude, even in “down” times?
  2. What interpersonal skills must be mastered to deliver consistently excellent service?
  3. How can you get all of your employees to consistently function at peak performance?
  4. What skills must you and your employees develop to achieve the competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global economy?

Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness Training Outline

  1. Positive Self-Esteem–The Key to Peak Performance
    1. discover the secrets of top achievers and peak performers
    2. understand what you must do to create a positive organizational climate
    3. discover why self-esteem is the foundation for success in life, love, and business
    4. diagnose your own self-esteem and that of others
    5. recognize that a positive organizational climate must start with you
    6. master a technique to diagnose anyone’s level of self-esteem in less than 1 minute
    7. how to give your employees a quick “check-up from the neck up”
    8. what it takes to make the most of every employee
    9. how to take advantage of the secret to success
    10. why people must accept 111% responsibility for their life
    11. 6 fail-safe strategies that will increase self-esteem
    12. how to make positive affirmations work
    13. 6 keys that will enable employees to act like winners
    14. how to consistently achieve win-win outcomes
    15. receive 16 specific action steps to maximize employees’ positive self-esteem
  2. Purpose–How to Create Your Future Today
    1. identify specific strategies that will enable you to take control of your life
    2. diagnose how focused your life is right now
    3. discover the little known secret success system
    4. find out what success means to you and your employees
    5. discover the importance of dreaming a big dream
    6. master an easy to learn 5-step strategy that will transform dreams into reality
    7. discover how to prevent others from sabotaging your goals
    8. learn how fear interferes with your ability to achieve your potential
    9. discover why you must do the things you fear
    10. find out how to conduct a worst-case analysis
    11. take advantage of the 5 keys to getting rid of fear once and for all
    12. find out why you must ignore the advice of others
    13. discover how to replace fear with desire
    14. learn to PIN it, not NIP it
    15. receive 11 specific action steps to achieve your purpose faster
    16. walk out with lifetime “fire-in-the-belly” goals and an action plan to transform dreams into reality
  3. Energy–How to Maximize Potential and Performance
    1. how to achieve permanent peak performance
    2. diagnose your and your employees’ current level of energy
    3. understand the connection between energy, positive self-motivation, and success
    4. acquire the ability to achieve instantaneous peak energy
    5. discover how you can sustain maximum energy over the long term
    6. find out why you must throw away your weaknesses
    7. learn the one secret known to every winner
    8. find out why getting fired may be the best thing that can happen to you
    9. discover how you can get “high” without getting stoned
    10. master 6 steps to consistently focus on achievement instead of the penalty of failure
    11. learn the secret of how to never, ever, worry again about anything
    12. receive 8 worry busters
    13. discover 10 action steps to maximize your and your employees’ potential and performance.
  4. Education–How to Become a Voracious Lifelong Learner
    1. achieve the competitive advantage by investing more in yourself than in your job
    2. diagnose your lifelong learning skills
    3. discover the secret of how to achieve permanent lifetime job security
    4. identify a shortcut to increasing performance and productivity
    5. apply 10 fail-safe strategies that will enable you to build a learning organization
    6. discover how much you must invest in yourself and your employees to dramatically increase your profitability
    7. master 7 steps to generate quantum solutions that have the potential to make you and your company prosperous
    8. learn how to think creatively in 5 easy steps
    9. discover how to keep yourself on the cutting edge without spending any discretionary time
    10. find out how you can create more value for your organization
    11. 5 important things you must do to get the most out of every learning experience
    12. receive 5 success action steps to help you and your employees become voracious lifelong learners
  5. Positive Attitude–How to Develop the Competitive Edge
    1. discover what it takes to help employees maintain a consistently positive attitude
    2. diagnose your attitude
    3. learn the magic of a positive explanatory style
    4. discover the secret to living longer, getting sick less often and succeeding faster
    5. learn how to get your subconscious to work for you not against you
    6. discover the power of starting every day with an attitude of gratitude
    7. learn how to correct cognitive distortions
    8. master 6 steps to get off your case
    9. how to get rid of the dreaded disease called “perfectionitis”
    10. why you must learn to fake it until you make it
    11. master an easy method to program your and your employees’ subconscious for success
    12. find out why you must avoid hiring “stinking thinking” people
    13. discover how to set employees up for success
    14. apply 3 steps to give yourself and others a PEP2 talk
    15. why you must change your language if you want to create a positive organizational climate
    16. receive 18 fail-safe strategies to make every day a positive day
  6. Perseverance–How to Turn Failures into Opportunities
    1. conduct a “perseverance assessment inventory”
    2. learn to focus on achievement instead of the penalties of failure
    3. find out what one attribute separates the winners from the “also rans”
    4. discover why positive thinking does not work
    5. eliminate self-destructive negative behaviors
    6. learn how to make the “three universal laws” work in your organization’s favor
    7. why your employees must triple their failure rate if you want to double your company’s success rate
    8. 9 steps to make positive affirmations work
    9. master 7 steps to help turn failures into opportunities
    10. receive 10 action steps to help employees persevere regardless of how tough the obstacles.

Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness Training Benefit

Anyone in your organization who needs to increase his/her personal effectiveness, motivate and empower themselves, their employees or team members, and who is interested in finding out how to build a peak-performance workplace.


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Jadwal dan Investasi Training Online 2020

  1. Tanggal 7 Juli 2020
  2. Tanggal 10 Agustus 2020
  3. Tanggal 9 September 2020
  4. Tanggal 7 Oktober 2020
  5. Tanggal 9 November 2020
  6. Tanggal 7 Desember 2020


Investasi :

  • Rp 1.000.000,- (Satu Juta Rupiah) Running Minimal 2 Orang Peserta
  • Rp 1.750.000,- (Satu Juta Tujuh Ratus Lima Puluh Ribu Rupiah) Langsung Running On Schedule


Fasilitas :

  1. Soft Copy Materi (Dikirim By Email)
  2. Sertifikat Kehadiran (Dikirim Via JNE)

Training Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness

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