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13 – 14 Januari 2020 | Rp 4.500.000,- di Dreamtel/ Ibis Hotel, Jakarta
13 – 14 Februari 2020 | Rp 4.500.000,- di Dreamtel/ Ibis Hotel, Jakarta
12 – 13 Maret 2020 | Rp 4.500.000,- di Dreamtel/ Ibis Hotel, Jakarta

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Advanced Bank Analysis Training Overview

The objective of this advanced case study based workshop is to drill down into the financial statements of banks in order to identify and quantify the risks of more complex business lines.


Advanced Bank Analysis Training Target Audience

Experienced analysts, regulators, risk and fixed income professionals with a good understanding of the analysis of financial institutions.


Advanced Bank Analysis Training Outline

Signs of Distress

  • Common themes in troubled insurance companies: external vs. internal factors; contagion risk
  • Symptoms of a company’s deteriorating credit standing: financial, non-financial and market indicators.

Structured Analytic Approach

  • Focus on key issues: payback, risks and structure
  • Sources of payback: ability to refinance in normal vs. stressed conditions; the level, volatility and location of cash-flow, challenges to downsizing assets, likelihood of government or parental support
  • Risks to repayment: key macro, sector and company-specific business and financial risks which might jeopardise repayment
  • Structure: structural subordination – policyholder priority, the diverging recovery prospects of stakeholders in distressed insurers and holding companies; overview of legal processes for failed insurers.

Operating Environment

  • Investment and economic cycles – impact of recession, inflation and financial crisis on main sectors
  • Underwriting cycles; trends in catastrophe losses, litigation, mortality / longevity
  • Differing vulnerabilities to adverse scenarios by sector: life, P&C and reinsurance
  • Changes in regulation, tax or accounting;  IFRS.

Management and Shareholders

  • Risky or inappropriate strategies, signs of desperation
  • Significance of ownership structure: mutuals, conglomerates etc.
  • The importance of franchise
  • How to recognise weak management and lack of integrity
  • Disclosure and corporate governance concerns.

Business Risk

  • The significance of size and age of firm. Good vs. bad growth
  • Business models – exposure to higher risk sectors: variable annuities, D&O, financial and mortgage guaranty
  • Performance risk: negative spread, volume and margin pressure
  • Investment risk: stress testing write-downs, key asset / liability management (ALM) challenges; asset valuation challenges; effectiveness of hedges, concentration risks; aggregation of exposures across asset and liability classes
  • Underwriting risk: pricing and data challenges; catastrophe and concentration risk
  • Reinsurance risk: credit and dispute risk; over-reliance on reinsurance; gaps in cover
  • Reserve adequacy: legacy exposures and loss reserve triangles in non-life; reserving for embedded guarantees or longevity risk in life
  • Regulatory risk: relative vulnerability of sectors.

Financial Risk

  • Capital adequacy: reliability of regulatory solvency formulae; ability of capital to withstand underwriting, investment or other shocks
  • Quality of capital – tangible vs. intangible net worth; capital with restricted use; mix of debt, equity and hybrid capital
  • Leverage: limits to an insurance company’s ability to leverage
  • Double leverage: challenges of a leveraged holding company
  • Importance of financial flexibility
  • Liquidity: potential cash-flow shocks; liquidity of investments.



  • 9-10 Januari 2020
  • 10 – 11 Februari 2020
  • 9-10 Maret 2020
  • 8-9 April 2020
  • 11-12 Mei 2020
  • 8-9 Juni 2020
  • 9-10 Juli 2020
  • 10-11 Agustus 2020
  • 7-8 September 2020
  • 8-9 Oktober 2020
  • 9-10 November 2020
  • 7-8 Desember 2020



Rp 4.500.000,-



  1. Seminar Kits ( handcopy materi + tas + ATK + Flasdisk )
  2. Makan Siang
  3. Coffe Break




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