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Corrosion for Non Corrosion Engineer


November, 11 – 14, 2013  | fee : menyusul di Bandung
December, 09 – 11, 2013  | fee : menyusul di Bandung

The Basic Corrosion Course for Non Corrosion Engineers focuses on corrosion process and the potential problems caused by corrosion. It provides a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the method by which it can be identified, monitored and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through case studies, examples, and an open discussion format.

Designed For

  • Anyone who needs to recognize corrosion and understand its devastating potential, especially as it relates to his or her area of responsibility, in any industrial, mining, oil and gas production activity.
  • Non Corrosion Engineers of any discipline.
  • Technicians and Field Operators.
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection Inspectors.
  • Onshore and offshore structure Inspectors.
  • Anyone who involves in anti-corrosive chemicals purchasing and material handling.
  • Other beginners who interested in.


None. No previous training in corrosion control is required. However, to gain the most from this course, a basic understanding of science, chemistry and electricity will be helpful.

Course Highlights

  • Basics of Engineering Materials
  • Basics of Electrochemistry
  • Forms of Corrosion
  • Types of Corrosive Environments
  • Corrosion Control and Prevention Methods
  • Testing and Monitoring Techniques

Course Content Corrosion for Non Corrosion Engineer

  • Properties of metallic materials
  • Commonly used carbon and alloyed steels
  • The nature, scope and language of corrosion
  • Case studies and examples of industrial corrosion failure
  • Economic and operational impacts of corrosion failure
  • Electrochemistry of corrosion process
  • Anodic and cathodic reactions
  • Corrosion cell, corrosion potential, and corrosion current
  • Uniform and localized corrosion
  • Pitting and stress corrosion cracking
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Ohm’s law and the corrosion rate
  • Fundamentals of corrosion control and prevention
  • Corrosion in soils
  • Principles of cathodic protection
  • sacrificial anode and impressed current methods
  • Cathodic protection testing, monitoring, and inspection
  • Case studies of corrosion control and prevention by cathodic protection.

Training Method and Materials

The training will be delivered in the form of classroom exposition, case studies and open discussion. Course materials will be handed out by organizer.


Jeffry Francois Heliaputra, ST.MT is a Team-Instructor from Hilman Ahmad & Associates- Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas Education Center for Professionals. He graduate from ITB of Engineering Physics and Magister Program, Industrial Engineering & Management. Part of the professional activities HE ever did was PT PUPUK KUJANG (member of ad-hoc team), Oil & Gas Consultancy, Engineering Recruitee Program, Advanced Interconnect Technologies in Jakarta, Engineering Process Staff & Quality Controller PCI ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE SEKUPANG BRANCH, BATAM ISLANDS, INDONESIA and Water Treatment Consulting for BATAMINDO WATER SUPLLY & SERVICE

Courses Event :

November, 11-14, 2013

Venue :

Bandung, Indonesia

Corrosion for Non Corrosion Engineer

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