17 – 19 Juli 2018 | Rp 5.800.000 di Yogyakarta
07 – 09 Agustus 2018 | Rp 5.8000.000 di Yogyakarta
04 – 06 September 2018 | Rp 5.8000.000 di Yogyakarta
23 – 25 Oktober 2018 | Rp 5.8000.000 di Yogyakarta

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Each supply chain have a supply in various locations in various forms. The financial effect of the inventory of the supply chain can be large enough to reach 25% or more of the total value of assets owned. The main function of inventory management is material requirements planning, both in terms of number and time when a material is required with sufficient quality at optimum cost level is based on the consideration of factors of material usage and material procurement lead time. Given the number of materials in an industry, it is necessary to determine the priority of the material to be optimized. Good inventory management can reduce inventory costs and improve service levels to customers successful management will materially affect the cost of production of a product that will ultimately affect the profits that can be achieved


After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understandthe role of inventory in supply chain management
  • Understandthe effect of inventory valuationof thecost of productionandthe amount of tax
  • Ability to prepare and control requirements and optimal material procurement activities



1. Introduction:

  • Definitions, types of inventory, the impact and benefits of the inventory, the role of inventory in supply chain management, inventory decision model

2. Assessment Inventory:

  • Method of inventory valuation, inventory valuation effect on the cost of production and the amount of tax

3. ABC Analysis:

  • Grouping of materials, inventory management policies, the physical calculation and determination of the amount of labor based on the analysis of the ABC

4. Forecasting Product Supplies and Materials:

  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches, the practice of using forecasting software

5. Use Planning Material:

  • Iinformation in material planning, material management procedures

6. Model Stock:

  • Types of costs in inventory model, the process of determining the material needs, the type of dependent and independent demand.

7. Safety Stock and Reorder Point:

  • Driving factor of safety stock, the effect of the interaction of demand and lead time, service level

8. Purchasing Management:

  • Purchasing department and purchasing activities, engineering selecting and evaluating suppliers

9. Benchmark performance of inventory management

10. Material Inspection: Implementation and the type of inspection, acceptance sampling




This training is recommended to be followed by: Inventory Manager / Assistant, Production Planner, Plan/Factory Manager, Logistics Manager / Supervisor, Master Scheduler, Warehouse staff, Procurement and purchasing staff, and all staff involved in the planning of inventory and warehousing





  • Batch 7: 17 – 19 Juli 2018
  • Batch 8: 07 – 09 Agustus 2018
  • Batch 9: 04 – 06 September 2018
  • Batch 10: 23 – 25 Oktober 2018
  • Batch 11: 13 – 15 November 2018
  • Batch 12: 18 – 20 Desember 2018
  • 08.00 – 16.00 WIB
  • Ibis Malioboro Hotel Yogyakarta ; Grand Tjokro Malioboro Hotel Yogyakarta ; Jambu Luwuk Malioboro Hotel Yogyakarta ; Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta




  • Publish Rate: Rp 5.800.000,- /participant (non residensial)*
  • Special Rate: Rp 5.000.000,- (min 4 participants from the same company)


Pelaksanaan training di luar Yogyakarta bisa running dgn kuota min. 4 peserta



  • Meeting Room di Hotel
  • Coffe Break & Lunch
  • Module/Materi

(hard & soft copy/flashdish)

  • Training Kit
  • Souvenir
  • Sertifikat


Fasilitas Tambahan Khusus Pelaksanaan di Yogyakarta:

  • Airport pick up services

Transportation during training


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