26 – 28 November 2018 | USD 1,350.- at Yogyakarta
26 – 28 November 2018 | USD 1,450.- at Bandung/ Jakarta/ Surabaya
26 – 28 November 2018 | USD 1,550.- at Bali/ Batam/ Balikpapan/ Manado
03 – 05 Desember 2018 | USD 1,350.- at Yogyakarta

17 – 19 Desember 2018 | USD 1,450,- at Hotel Ibis Kemayoran, Jakarta

Jadwal Training 2018 Selanjutnya …


Certified International Communication Specialist Training Background

Communication studiesndeals with processes of human communication.  There are three types of communication: verbal, written and nonverbal communication which involves observing a person and inferring meaning.

The word is interconnected by every form of media imaginable, and the goal of having the right message delivered to the right target audience, has never been more attainable. As the internet has made every mode of media accesible in the easiest ways possible, changing the way the world communicates.

This discipline contains a range of topics, from dafe-toface conversation to maass media outlets such as television broadcasting. Communication studies also examines how message are interpreted through the political, cultural, economic, semiotic, hermeneutic, and social dimensions of theit contexts.

Communication studies teaches participants how to tailor the way they communicate throuh different forms: Business Communication, Graphic Communication, Instructural Communication, Integrated Communication, Communication Journalism, Mass Communication Public Relations Radio Television and Digital Communications Telecommunications.

Corporate communication deals with the exchange of business informastion within and outside an organization. It is a Managerial discpline, closely related to public relations, marketing organization and leadership and human resources. Corporate communication involves mostly preserving a coherent corporate identity and promoting a positive brand icon.

The cource also encompassing Business Communication which is vital to professional succes. This course, part of the Soft Skills Professional Certificate program, will help participant  unlock the secret to business succes by understanding workplace culturae. Participant will learn how to use language and nonverbal communication to convey shared meanings in face-to-face and remote professional relatinships.

In this course, there will be a strong focus on business writing, active listening, and communication participants ideas effectively to a particular target audience. The class will discuss the impaact of assumtions or bias that people may bring to workplace interactions. Participants will apply their knowledge by critiquing real-world business scenarios from the workplace.

Become an effective communications practitioner with the expertise and confidence to work in an international setting. Particiopants will learn how to work with clients to produce practical communications solutions in teh private, public, and voluntary sectors all over the world

As a Certified Specialist in Communications Skills, participants will have the knowledge and key skills to communicate effectively using simple, concise and direct language in order to achieve results in your communications wth other.

Participants shall build relationships that emphasize trust and respect, and apply influence strategies to gain commitment from others and foster collaboration.

The Global Academy of Financial Management (GAFM) designed the course for the participants to become specialist in defining the communication platform as required by the organization and assures that participants are possessing standard qualification as indicated by holding the Certified Communicatioon Skill Specialist certificate. The achievement of the certificate is the result of enduring the International standardized professional examination conducted by GAFM as accredited by theInternational Board of Standards.


Certified International Communication Specialist Training Objectives

The course is designed for business communicator, and the professional certification can elevate participants career and help keep their skill fresh and applicable. The skills and specialty proide a great opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise, also it could help the professionals land their next big opportunity or perform a higher level in the participants current role.


Certified International Communication Specialist Training Target audience

  • Public Relation Professional
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer
  • Communication staff
  • Marketing Communication Professional


Certified International Communication Specialist Training Descriptions

  • Introduction to basic communications theories and systems theory
  • Linear non-linear and mediated models
  • Public relations and persuasion
  • Systems theory: open and closed systems, subsystems, boundary spanning and environmental spanning
  • The behavior principles, strategy of management communication within and outside the enterprises or organization
  • The skills for team communication, speeches, meetings, negotiations and interviews with your employees
  • The skills of non-verbal communication, such as weighing a person’s words and closely watching his expression
  • The Global culture in communication
  • Communication capability with the Global Professional and the Global enterprises
  • Preparing and delivering speeches to further public relations objectives
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationship with representative of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups
  • Best practices for written communication
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Documentation and follow-up techniques
  • Best practices for face-to-face digital and mediated communication
  • How to critically evaluate Professional role in workplace interactions
  • How to employ strategies for active listening
  • How to ask questions that move conversations forward
  • How to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly
  • How to assess needs of clients and colleagues
  • Best practices for face-to-face and remote communication
  • PR planning and crisis management / managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation
  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
  • Preparing and delivering speeches to further public relations objectives
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationship with representative of community, consumer, employee and public interest groups
  • Benefits of Communications Technology
  • Drawbacks of Communication Technology
  • Physical Impairments to Communication
  • Outside Impediments to Communication
  • Personality Conflicts and Communication
  • Disagreements and Conflicts
  • Negotiation
  • Criticism


Case Studies

Case-based discussions will be conducted with topics related to the subjects of training. Exam exercises and questions evaluation.


Jadwal Training 2018

Hotel Ibis Malioboro, Yogyakarta
Hotel Santika Kuta,Bali
Hotel Nagoya Plaza, Batam
Hotel Fave, Balikpapan
Hotel Aston, Manado
Hotel Gino Ferucci ,Bandung
Hotel Santika Pandegiling, Surabaya
Hotel Ibis Kemayoran, Jakarta

  • 26 – 28 November 2018
  • 03 – 05 Desember 2018
  • 10 – 12 Desember 2018
  • 17 – 19 Desember 2018
  • 26 – 28 Desember 2018


Investment dan Facilities

  • Course, Exam & Certification (Non Residential)
  • USD 1,350.- per participant in Yogyakarta
  • USD 1,450.- per participant in Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya
  • USD 1,550.- per participant in Bali, Batam, Manado and Balikpapan
  • Handbook and stationary
  • International Certification (if the participants pass the exam)



Certified American Academy Instructor



*International Certification by American Academy*


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