Advanced Flow Measurement


November 03 – 05, 2015 | Rp. 8.900.000,-/ Participant at Bandung


Introduction Advanced Flow Measurement

Flow measurement is essential in the daily processing or operating in many industries such as the oil and gas industries, power, chemical, and waste treatment industries. The quantity to be determined may be volume flow rate, mass flow rate and flow velocity or other quantities derived from these. This three-day course covers the measurement of flow, a detailed up-to-date overview of fundamentals and practice of liquid flow metering and calibration. The emphasis is to ensure that you can apply the techniques and knowledge at your own workplace


Course Outlines Advanced Flow Measurement

Day 1 :

  • Basic Measurement
    1. Introduction to Measurement System
    2. Element and Classification of
    3. Measuring Instruments
    4. Measuring Instrument for Industrial
    5. Application
    6. P&ID and Process Flow Diagram
  • Basic Concept In Flow Measurement
    1. Fluid Properties
    2. Dimension and Units
    3. Units and Its Conversion
    4. Several Dimension and Its Derivative
    5. Flow Conditioning
    6. Fluid Flow Measurement
    7. Standards in Flow Measurement
    8. Fluid Flow
  • Flow Meter Selection
    1. Basic Principle of Measurement
    2. Differential Flowmeters
    3. Oscillatory & Vortex Flowmeters
    4.  Thermal Flowmeters
    5. Linear Flowmeters
    6. Flowmeter Selection Consideration

Day 2 :

  • Differential Procedurs Flow Meter
    1.  Installation
    2. Engineering Equations and Computation
    3. Theoretical Flow Rate Equations
    4. Sizing versus Flow Rate Determination
    5. General Solutions
    6. Design Information of Differential
    7. Producers Flow Meter
  • Standards Terminology
    1. Flow Standards
    2. Primary Standards
    3. Laboratory Standards
    4. International Standards
  • Meter Oil Delivery
    1. Meter Run
    2. Proving Skid
    3. Meter Proving
    4. Meter Factor
    5. Base Prover
    6. Proving Run
    7. Prover Pass
    8. Prover Round Trip
    9. Proving Counte

Day 3:

  • Calibration
    1. Introduction to Metrology & Calibration
    2. Terminology in Calibration
    3. Standard of Calibrator
    4. Consideration in Calibration Step
    5. Metering Calibration
  • Control Valve
    1.  Types
    2. Flow Characteristics
    3. Actuator Types
    4. Valve Positioners
    5. Valve sizing
    6. Maintenance control valve
    7.  Stiction control valve
    8. Control valve selection
  • Discussion



DR. Sutanto Hadisupadmo

He has more than 15-year experienced as instructor on Instrumentation, Measurement Control & System, PLC, DCS Programming, Advance Process Control, etc. His professional education started on Engineering Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB-1977), Diplome Universite in Energetique, Universite de Prepignan, France (1985), Magister Engineering in Instrumentation and Control (ITB) and Doctor (ITB). As a lecturer at Department of Engineering Physics Department-ITB, he active doing research, writes published book/handsout. He has handled many projects in Instrumentation Process, Tools Evaluation, Transmitter, General Evaluation of Instrumentation Specification, Commercial Building Power Audit, Maintenance Management Evaluation, etc. To get more advance information and knowledge, he has participated in domestic and overseas training, seminar, workshop and conference as participant or speakers.

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